Shane Yan

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Movies, TV series, TV commercials...

Iron Fist                                               Assistant fight coordinator                  Brett Chen

Teen Wolf                                            Stunts performer                    Gary Stearns/Brian Simpson

Marco Polo                                          Stunts Performer                                Brett Chen

The Last Ship                                      Stunts Performer                                Keith Woulard

Pixels                                                   Stunts Performer                                Bob Brown

Ant Man                                               Stunts Performer                            Peng Zhang/Brad Allan

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles             Motion Capture/Double                       Garrett Warren

Shaolin                                                 Stunts Performer/Double                       Corey Yuen

Red Cliff                                               Stunts Performer/Double                        Corey Yuen

Blood The Last Vampire                       Stunts Performer/Double                       Corey Yuen

Treasure Inn                                         Stunts Performer/Double                 Corey Yuen/Tak Yuen

Kungfu Cyborg                                     Stunts Performer/Double                        Tak Yuen

Mulan:Rise of a Warrior                       Stunts Performer/Double                     Stephen Wai Tung

Kungfu Wing Chun                              Stunts Performer                                  Stephen Wai Tung

Firestorm                                              Stunts Performer                                     Chin  Ka Lok

Cold War                                              Stunts Performer                                     Chin  Ka Lok

The Viral Factor                                    Stunts Performer/Double                        Chin Ka Lok

Bruce Lee My Brother                          Stunts Performer                                     Chin Ka Lok

Triad                                                     Stunts Performer                                      Fai Wong

The Lion Roars 2                                  Stunts Performer                                      Lin Sang

2014 June-July, stunts and fight choreography on Chris Columbus's movie "Pixels". Starring Adam Sandler. Action: Bob Brown and Peng Zhang.

2014 February, motion capture artist on Jonathan Liebesman's movie "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". Starring Megan Fox. Action:Garret Warren.

2013, double and stuntman in Hong Kong on Alan Yuen’s movie “Firestorm” (風暴). Starring Andy Lau. Action: Kar Lok Chin.

2012 to 2013/07, double and stuntman on various commercials, TV series and movies in Hong Kong.

2012 November, double and stuntman in Hong Kong on Dante Lam’s movie “Unbeatable” (激戰).

2012, double and stuntman in Hong Kong on Daniel Yee Heng Chan’s movie “Triad” (紮職).

2011 November, double and stuntman in Hong Kong on Longman Leung and Sunny Luk’s movie “Cold War” (寒战). Starring Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung Ka-Fai.

2011 July, double and stuntman in China on Joe Ma’s movie “The Lion Roars 2” (河东狮吼2).

2011 June, double and stuntman in Malaysia on Dante Lam’s movie “The Viral Factor” (逆战), starring Jay Chou and Nicholas Tse.  Action: Kar Lok Chin.

2011 May, stunts and main acting in the advertisement trailer for TVB TV Program <Kung Fu Star> (功夫之星).

2011 April, stunts and acting on TVB TV series (五味人生).

2010 October, Double of Tony Leung Chiu Wai on a Japanese commercial (Fuji).

2010 August-September 2010, double and stuntman in Guangzhou on Manfred Wong and Raymond Yip’s movie “Bruce Lee, my brother” (李小龍). Starring tony Leung Ka-Fai & Christy Chung. Action: Kar Lok Chin.

2010 May & August 2010, double and stuntman in several movies in China.

Working as a double and stuntman on Wong Jing and Corey Yuen's movie "Treasure Inn" (財神客棧). Starring Nicholas Tse. Action: Corey Yuen and Tak Yuen.

2010 January, double and stuntman in Shanghai on Benny Chan's movie "The New Shaolin Temple" (新少林寺). Starring Jackie Chan, Andy Lau & Nicholas Tse. Action: Corey Yuen and Tak Yuen.

2009 November to 2010 January, double and stuntman in Shanghai on Cheung Tung Cho’s movie “Kungfu Wing Chun” (功夫咏春).

2009, double and stuntman in Hebei and Yinchuan on Jingle Ma’s movie "Mulan: Rise of a warrior" (花木兰). Starring Zhao Wei. Action: Wei Tung.

2008-2009, double and stuntman in Ningbo and Shanghai on Jeffrey Lau’s movie “Kungfu Cyborg-Metallic Attraction” (机械侠). CREDITED. Link to HKMDB: HERE. Action: Tak Yuen.

2008, double and stuntman on several Chinese TV series.

2007-2008, double and stuntman, in Hebei, Beijing and Shanghai on John Woo’s movie “Red Cliff” (赤壁). CREDITED. Starring Tong Leung Chiu Wai & Takeshi Kaneshiro. Action: Corey Yuen.

2007, double/stuntman, in Yunnan, on Chris Nahon’s movie “Blood, the last vampire” (小夜刀). Starring Jun Ji-Hyun. Action: Corey Yuen.


With Actor JACKY CHAN on “Shaolin”.

Under the direction of JOHN WOO on “Red Cliff”.

Under the direction of Action Directors/Stunt Choreographers:

- COREY YUEN on “Red Cliff”, “Shaolin”, “Blood the Last Vampire” and “Treasure Inn”.

- TAK YUEN on “Shaolin”, “Treasure Inn” and “Kungfu Cyborg”.

- KAR LOK CHIN on “Firestorm”, “Bruce Lee, my brother”, “Viral Factor”.

- WEI TUNG on “Mulan”.


Regular double of Actor TONY LEUNG CHIU WAI for Fuji commercials.