Shane Yan

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Shane Yan Bio

Shane YAN (or Junqiang YAN - 闫俊强) is a Chinese Martial Arts Expert & stuntman, also skilled in Tae Kwon Do and Parkour/Freerunning.

Early Life

Shane grew up in Hebei, Northern China, and started attending kung fu wushu schools at the end of 7, with intensive wushu training for 7/8 hours a day!

As a teenager, Shane became a member of the Hebei National Wushu Team and was training daily at the Hebei Sport Institute with other national competitors. Shane is a rank 1 athlete in China with extensive competition background.

He masters many different styles of kung fu wushu, with or without weapons. He is also excellent in Tae Kwon Do and got his black belt when he was still a teenager.

Education and Career

In 2002-2003 Shane spent one year working as a professional kung fu performer in Beijing.

Shane then entered Hebei Normal University where he completed his Bachelor in Physical Education and Traditional Chinese Martial Arts in 2007. In parallel, Shane started teaching kung fu to children & adults in 2003. He also was the choreographer of several martial arts shows.

After graduating in 2007, Shane began to work as a stuntman and double on Chinese movies and TV series (find details in the Photo Gallery).

Hong Kong (2010-2013)

In 2010, Shane moved to Hong Kong where he was teaching kung fu and working as a stuntman and founded Mighty Kung Fu. Shane was also organizing and performing in various shows (Chinese martial arts, Cantonese opera accrobatics...)

In Hong Kong, Shane was also training Parkour/Freerunning with Jumperz Parkour and HKPA-Hong Kong Parkour Association.

Los Angeles (2013-Present)

In July 2013, Shane moved to Los Angeles to teach kung fu & stunts and work in the movie industry.


Shane's martial arts expertise

Kung fu wushu &  Tae Kwon Do.
Styles of wushu:
  • Bajiquan (八極拳) – Eight Extremes Fist/Boxing
  • Changquan (长拳)- Long fist
  • Ditangquan (地躺拳) – Ground-Prone Fist/Boxing
  • Fanziquan (翻子拳) – Tumbling Fist
  • Nanquan (南拳)-Southern Fist/Boxing
  • Shaolinquan (少林拳) – Shaolin Boxing
  • Taijiquan (太极拳) TaiChiChuan
  • Tanglanquan (螳螂拳) – Praying Mantis Fist/Boxing
  • Tongbeiquan (通背拳) – Through-the-Back Fist/Boxing
  • Wing Chun (Yongchunquan) – Eternal Spring
  • Xingyiquan (形意拳) – Shape-Intent Fist/Boxing
  • Yingzhuaquan (鷹爪拳) – Eagle Claw Fist/Boxing
  • Zuiquan (醉拳) – Drunken Fist/Boxing
  • And much more!


  • Dao
  • Gun
  • Jian
  • Qiang
  • And much more!