Shane Yan

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Martial Arts Stunts Expertise 

-  started wushu in China at 7 years old
-  2004 & 2005:  China National wushu competition - 2nd place.
-  2007 started working as a stuntman in China.

Experience with stunts since 2007:

- Chinese and International movie stunts & double in Mainland China, Hong Kong and USA

- stunts & double on TV series and TV advertisements

- performance/fight choreography

Stunts expert skills:

- Fight / Martial arts performance and choreography (Kung Fu Wushu, Sanda, Tae Kwon Do...)

- Fall

- Agility (Parkour/Freerunning)

- Tumbling

- Swordplay (Martial Arts & Modern Weapons)

- Wirework

- Fire Stunts

Stunts and Kung Fu Wushu Instruction

Shane YAN is also teaching stunts and kung fu wushu. 

Wushu means "martial art" (武, wǔ meaning "martial" or "military" and 术, shù meaning "discipline", "skill" or "method”). 

Wushu has become the name of the modern competitive sport of Wushu, an exhibition and full-contact sport (bare-handed or weapons). It developed after 1949 in the People's Republic of China. As gymnastics, wushu is judged to a set of aesthetic criteria for points.

Modern Wushu competitors are increasingly training in aerial techniques such as 540-, 720-, and even 900-degree jumps and kicks to add more difficulty and style to their forms.

For more details about wushu, visit Mighty Kung Fu website.

Shane Yan. 720 jumps / kicks